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For as many years as I can remember there has been one building that has stood out in our city. It stood out not because of its architecture or its beauty or the business which operated from this particular building. It stood out because of the condition of the building.  The roof had collapsed and the front was also falling in.  In addition it looked as if the side may fall in also.

This particular building was also on a main street, South Broad Street, which made it all the more noticeable.  The city recognized that this building was an eyesore and needed to be dealt with. But how?

Like many dilapidated properties throughout our city and state, the cost to tear down and remove a building outweighs the property value. The owner of the property recognized this and decided to work with the city to find a way to solve the issues concerning this building. 

After several discussions, the owner decided to donate the property to the city.  Now the city had to decide a course of action for this building.  Do we tear it down, leaving a vacant lot, do we try to find a buyer, that was out of the question as there was no real value to the property or do we look for other possibilities? 

The cost to tear down and remove the building was $25,000 dollars.  The city really did not want to tear down a building on South Broad Street. The city finally decided to give the property to the Clinton Economic Development Corporation, who began to wrestle with the best way to handle the property. 

The CEDC finally decided that rather than spending $25,000 dollars to demolish the building, it would provide the $25,000 dollars as seed money to a local contractor if he would restore the building and put it back into use. Either way it would have cost $25,000 dollars to the city. 

This way restores a historic building and puts it back on the tax rolls. The contractor has stabilized the outer wall of the building, replaced the roof and is currently finishing the storefront.

I have personally walked through the interior and was amazed at the size of the building, it is much larger than it looks and the beauty of its interior walls. When finished this will be an absolutely beautiful building.  A building that would have been destroyed without the willingness of the public and private sector working together to make our city a more beautiful place to live.

I know that I have not answered every question you may have concerning this building, so I encourage you to call me if you have any questions concerning this building or any other issues involving our city. 864-380-5176.


(Bob McLean is mayor of Clinton.)





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