LETTER: Global business can pay for its own needs


The Editor,

ZF Transmission is a global leader in driveline technology, with a 2016 total sale of 35 billion dollars ($35,000,000,000). Assuming a profit of 10%, ZF has a profit of 3.5 billion dollars ($3,500,000,000).

The Gray Court ZF plant accounts for 18% of worldwide sales ,which is $63 billion dollars in PROFIT ($630,000,000). 

Keep in mind, President Trump's administration has recommended lowering the tax bracket another 15%. Therefore, the total amount of federal taxes ZF will pay is $126,000,000. That leaves ZF with an after taxes profit of $504,000,000. That's 504 million dollars in profit from this Gray Court plant along.

Stop to think, they have the gall to demand the tax payers provide them with a EMS station and box unit, and provide the personal to man this station 24/7. They also will add another 1200 employees to this over burdened EMS county system while closing our Gray Owings station.

The elected officials, LCEDC, and The Laurens County Council all support this outrageous tax burden they are placing on the this county for their welfare. The same people stood up at the Hickory Tavern school and pointed out that Laurens County was such a poor county that we could not afford a new high school for our children. For 20 years, Hickory Tavern and the Green Pond communities have needed an EMS station; 20 years ago, Mike Pitts voted with two other members of CC to build a EMS Box station at HT. Today, we don't have a quality school system, we are in need of more EMS box units for the welfare of our voters. The voters agreed 8 out of 10 that we cannot afford those basic need for our own community. Why should we have to subside one of the richest national industrial companies in the world.

ZF Transmission could be a good corporate member of our community and be grateful that we have welcomed them as friends and employers of our work force. They need to reevaluate this boondock political projective and donate this $900,000 of "OUR TAX DOLLARS" to the construction of a Hickory Tavern EMS box station. You can well afford to build your own medical facilities without imposing a burden on the poor members of our community. NO other automotive company in the Upstate has asked or received any special treatment as you have required!

My family's ancestors came from Germany in 1843 as indentured slaves, we have fought in both world wars (the Germans mostly). One came back from WW1 in a coffin and is buried in the Cannon Memorial Park, Ft. Inn, SC, the others is buried in the Arlington National Cemetery, who had a oil tanker shot out from under him by a German U boat. I had two combat tour myself (Korea and Vietnam). After we defeated the Germans twice, we rebuilt the German nation. Today, I'm fighting the same battle, protecting my way of life in my back yard!

One of the members of the LCEDC has said the management of the ZFT, shared with him the correct pronouncing of "Z" in German. I would have shared with him, we defeated them twice so we are not required to learn German, but do speak English !


Jayhue Weisner Sr.

Gray Court (US Navy ret., Retired College Dean, State of South Carolina, Past member of Laurens County Council, first Chairman of the Laurens County Economic Development Board)

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