Letter: Election Observations

ELECTION: The editor, To simplify some basic observations: There is a difference between interference and collusion by or between nations. Interference only takes one nation. Collusion requires two nations. Russia has and always will interfere!

Bob Muller will attempt to keep the Special Counselor title going as long as possible. Doing so ties the hands of the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.  

All the Democrats have to do is throw the word “Russia” into a scenario and make the news media go berserk!

The majority of the Democrats participating in the Special Counsel’s investigation were already tainted by their role in the sale of Uranium to Russia. For then Secretary of State Clinton to say she did not give approval for the sale is a prime example of her unique ability to be a part of something and have no knowledge of it. The Uranium deal took place by our governmental persons already in office being paid to be responsible and to make wise decisions.

An example of collusion taking place during the Obama administration was his receiving e-mail from Secretary Clinton through her unsecured server.  How could he not know she was using such a server?

This November’s election is crucial!  It is bad enough that the Democrats are being obstructionists and have not done one positive thing for our country during the past two years. Recently, they have lost totally control of their party.

When Feinstein yields to the likes of Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, and Chuck Schumer, our national health is severely wounded. Young people, ignorant to the governmental process, join the chant of socialism, take payment to demonstrate, attack those who think differently, and join the mob mentality bandwagon.

Both political parties should be ashamed of and concerned about our national debt. Republicans increase military spending, Democrats increase domestic give away spending. Sadly, our “news outlets” investigate little, give commentary from personal views, and fail to report germane facts. It seems everything reported is directed toward social and racial divide.

Voting is important!  Informed voting is crucial!



Elizabeth D. McKinney 


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