EDITORIAL: Thanks to everyone who makes Horizon possible


Boy, I would hate to be you.

I would hate to be you if you turned down the chance to advertise in Horizon. You missed the chance to have your message presented on a worldwide stage.

Our Horizon section is always great, a multiple award-winner at the state level. 

This year, it’s super great.

Thanks to Stacy Dyer and the crew at Presbyterian College, a rich source of people and topics and the student-writers tap it well.

Thanks to everyone who granted me an interview. We had three responses for Citizen of the Year nominees, and we have a plan for profiling all of them. Horizon appeared in the Feb. 27 issue and, in that same issue, was the inaugural People & Places feature; P&P gives us another venue for doing profile-type articles - some tied to “events” but most will be in-depth looks at people of interest or locations you may, or may not, know much about. It’s the kind of long-form journalism we might not have time to do - without advanced planning. Those “good news” articles everyone is hungry to read.

We really can’t say enough thanks to our advertisers in Horizon. It can be the kind of product that’s less “goods and services” and more “institutional” advertising. But these are important, too. Just like Boeing and Xerox and Google don’t need to advertise to the general public what they have to sell, they do need to “keep their name out there”. 

Same with entities in Laurens County -- Horizon is the perfect marketing venue just to let people know “we have a nice little city” and “we have schools that teach 21st century skills”. The 2018 Horizon has been on our website for a year, for anyone in the world to see; the 2019 edition takes that spot real soon, accessible from desktop, laptop and mobile devices. After that, we can promote it, maybe “boost” it, on our Facebook page, which has more than 500 followers.

Lots of times, the profiles in Horizon are people going in new directions - or at least directions they’ve harbored a “hankering” to go into for a long time.

Horizon gives us the chance to introduce you to people you know - but with a twist. The “I didn’t know THAT about them” type of journalism, and it offers us the chance to introduce you to people new to the community. This year’s Horizon lets you know there are people in Clinton fighting against diabetes -- that kind of knowledge can save a life. We certainly hope so.

If you missed your chance to have your message this year reach maximum exposure, just keep in mind, our Veterans Tribute section is next, and planning for Horizon 2020 already has begun. I wish we could publish it in a magazine format, maybe that’s coming somewhere down the line. Our Publisher, Brian Whitmore, is seeking a special partnership related to the People & Places feature (our first one was on page one Feb. 27th), and we can take care of all your advertising needs on a week-to-week basis. Our recession-buster is one of the best marketing deals around.

So often in our day-to-day lives “we don’t know what we don’t know,” to steal a David O’Shields quote. It’s our privilege - yes, our honor - to present this look at our extended Laurens County family to you. Our best days, truly, are right on The Horizon.

Thank you, for allowing us into your homes.


-- Vic MacDonald, editor, The Clinton Chronicle. 


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