The editor:


The editor:

The genocide of the disadvantaged and those in poor health has begun.  Over 22 million people are being singled out to be denied decent health care.  The current GOP bill eliminates $460 billion in taxes now being paid by drug manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers, insurers, and the taxes on the "Cadillac Plans".  This amount will now be added to the National debt instead of helping to give access to health care.

The 22+ million people who are having the current safety net jerked out from under them are now under extreme stress because of this inhumane action.  This stress alone will hasten the death of many people.

Some of the people covered under the ACA are chronically ill and have no access to other health care plans.  Many people who, for a large part, have paid more in federal income taxes in the last 20 years than our current president. 

Yet these same people are to be denied affordable health care, even as they know their taxes cover the health care needs of the families of the people who are eager to deny them of the same.

The genocide (the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group) of the poor or chronically ill is in full force.  The GOP is no longer the "Grand Old Party".  It has become the "Genocide Order Party.

The misery, pain, and even death of the targets of this "Bill" (execution order) should be laid on the doorstep of the President and his minions who sign their names to the unchristian, uncaring piece of so-called legislation.  The president promised his plan would be more affordable, cover more, and available to everyone.  What happened?

The plan to give tax credit instead of subsidy only helps the people who can afford all their premium.  The total years subsidy for the average ACA participant is approximately the same cost as one emergency room visit.  These emergency room visits end up being paid for by the taxpayers but they will sadly be the only option for many people.

There is absolutely nothing to be gained by the destruction of the ACA other than attempting to deny credit to the former president for getting something done about the broken health care system.  Excuse me! I guess there will be large campaign contribution gains to the people who are eager to sign their names

Wayne H. Daniel

Waterloo, S.C.

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