LARRY - Is there anyone in Individual 1’s administration who is not scum?




Faithful readers will remember when I wrote, week after week, about My First Wife, My Current Wife, my kids and, most importantly, my grandkids.

And, while I still have a wife, two kids and four outstanding grandkids, there are too many things that weigh on my small, overworked brain that keeps me from brightening your Wednesdays on a regular basis.

To wit: Jeffrey Epstein is a very wealthy investment banker who owns the largest private residence in New York City (although he now lives in the Virgin Islands).

In 2008, he pleaded guilty to two prostitution-related charges in state court in Miami and was sentenced to 13 months. He served eight months in a private wing of the Palm Beach county jail. He was allowed to leave six days a week for up to 12 hours a day to go to his office. I guess he was required to take Sundays off.

Epstein paid employees to find minor girls and to bring the girls to him. He forced them into sex acts, with one victim claiming he raped her.

A federal judge said recently that the federal prosecutors violated federal law by giving Epstein such a sweetheart deal. The rights of the minor victims were violated because the deal was arranged in secret. The judge said Epstein should have been prosecuted under federal sex trafficking laws.

The judge gave the U.S. government 15 days to meet with Epstein’s victims and come up with a plan to resolve the problem. People with knowledge have said that Epstein’s sentence will not be overturned and he won’t be put back in the slammer – even a posh one in Palm Beach.

The top U.S. Attorney in Miami at the time of Epstein’s arrest and prosecution was Alexander Acosta. 

Acosta told The Miami Herald that Epstein’s legal team – including Alan Dershowitz, Kenneth Starr and Jay Lefkowitz, a former colleague of Epstein’s, “intimidated him” into not taking the case to trial in federal court (if convicted, he could have spent the rest of his life in prison) and agreeing to the sweetheart deal with the state.

Emails show that Acosta allowed Dershowitz, Starr and Lefkowitz to set the terms of the deal. Acosta then sealed the deal, literally, preventing the victims from being able to protest the terms of the deal or to speak at Epstein’s sentencing.

In case you’re wondering if I’m just wandering, let me bring it home. Alexander Acosta is Individual 1’s secretary of labor. The U.S. Department of Labor is a massive federal agency that provides oversight of the US labor laws, including human trafficking. Acosta was on the short list to replace Jeff Sessions as the U.S. Attorney General.

Individual 1 was asked about Acosta being accused by a federal judge of breaking the law.

“I really don’t know too much about it,” Individual 1 said. “I know he’s done a great job as labor secretary and that (the Epstein case) seems like a long time ago…”

I would imagine it seems like a lifetime ago to Epstein’s minor victims.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders said, “My understanding is that’s a very complicated case…” I guess that puts it beyond the comprehension of Individual 1.

Is there anyone in Individual 1’s administration who is not scum?

If, for some unfathomable reason, you still believe Individual 1 was placed in the White House by divine intervention, please, please, please read this again slowly. 

I tried not to use any big words.


(Larry Franklin is retired and lives in Clinton.)


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